LDS Baptism Photography Session

LDS Baptism Photography Session

“It’s Great to be 8!”


In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, baptism is at the age of 8, when they believe they are old enough to be accountable for their actions as parents strive to continue to teach them how to choose right from wrong. This is such an important time in these children’s lives and it is so fun to take them to a beautiful place and make them feel special as they get ready for this day.  Mr. D was is an amazing and sweet boy, who was very eager to get to soccer practice!

LDS Baptism Photography Session

11 thoughts on “LDS Baptism Photography Session

  1. Oh my goodness what a photogenic young man! I love his beautiful smile. These portraits are gorgeous!

  2. Such a handsome little man! You did a beautiful job capturing such a special moment in his life!!! Love!!!

  3. What a handsome young man, you can tell he is so proud!

  4. Love great to be 8 sessions! You captured this little guy perfectly!

  5. What a cute little man! Great job capturing his spirit!!

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