Rock Your Senior Session! | Denver High School Senior Photography

Denver High School Senior Photography

Commemorate the monumental occasion of graduating from High School with an awesome Senior Photography session with Hazel Suede Photography.

Let’s Rock Your Senior Session!

Hello Amazing Seniors! It is time to start planning for your senior year, and that includes preparing  for your senior portraits. While it can seem like a daunting task there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m here to help make the process easy for you.

First off – Hire a professional, as it is by far the most vital decision you will make. Why you might ask? But, my mom’s friend has a fancy camera, isn’t that enough? No, while a fancy camera will help, it’s the person behind the camera that produces the amazing results.

As professional photographer, I have spent countless hours learning not only how to use my camera to take photos (enter proper aperture, ISO and shutter speed – not to mention depth of field), but the post processing as well. This is where Photoshop enters – I’ve also spent the time learning how to carefully edit to give you desired results. In addition to the technical aspect, a professional photographer knows how to pose a client in a flattering manner, helps them to feel comfortable and give them an amazing experience.

I may not be the photographer for you, but choosing to work with a professional will give you an amazing senior photography experience – it will be worth the money spent!

Let’s move on with some other tips to help your session be an amazing experience that you will never forget!

What to Wear? That is the first question that you will want to ask yourself when planning your session. I always advise my clients to wear what makes you feel amazing. An outfit that when you look in the mirror screams, “I look awesome!” It is incredibly important to like what you’re wearing, to feel great in what you have on, and most of all that it is authentic to who you are. Choose clothing items that compliment you and your body, find a hairstyle that you rock, and don’t forget to add some accessories that will compliment everything you have on.

Don’t settle for “meh” – look amazing so you will feel amazing. Need some inspiration? Check out my senior session Pinterest boards: for senior girls and for senior boys.

Denver Senior Photographer

Hair and Makeup  | Opt for another professional

Unless you have some serious makeup and hair skills this is another area you may want to opt to choose to work with another professional. When it comes to having a look that will not only last the entire shoot but also look great for the camera, having a professional do it is completely worth it! You may already know a professional to help you out but if not,  I will work with you to find one that will help bring out your natural beauty.

Let’s get creative | Don’t want the same ol’ feel everyone else is opting for? Let’s think outside the box. Just as you are not like any other senior, your session doesn’t need to be just like all the others. Your session is about YOU so let’s make sure your senior photographs reflect that! While Pinterest can help give you some awesome inspiration and get those creative juices flowing let’s incorporate something unique to who you are that others will not have. This can mean incorporating a hobby, a sport, event or a club. We can find a killer location that you love or have special permission to use like an awe-inspiring house or property. Or it can be adding in an amazing prop like your classic car, killer antique couch, or something else only you would think of. Thinking outside of box will make it awesome!

Denver High School Senior Photography


Most Importantly | Be true to you!

Authenticity. Your uniqueness is what I want to portray, especially when it comes to your senior photos. Don’t feel the need to pretend to be someone you are not; this is the time to embrace it and to show the world just how amazing you are! As you are planning your session, keep in mind the bottom line that ultimately should reflect who you are. Let’s highlight all the amazing accomplishments, your passions and most definitely your killer eyes – have a blast planning it and of course capturing those photographs that you will look back upon for years to come.


Ready to get planning? Contact me and let’s bounce ideas around, tell me what your interests and together we will make sure to rock your session!

With each session there is a pre-consultation that helps me provide you a uniquely crafted experience. We can get together at Starbucks or chat on the phone to talk clothes, locations, hair & makeup, and props.

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